Extraction and Ventilation
A bustling plant needs a productive air development framework. Stale, sticky air is the inescapable result of a productive indoor undertaking, and this must be supplanted with perfect, revived air if your business is to keep on thriving.
Emergency Fan Repairs
Our services include removing the fan, replacing the entire framework, remove the grille, and clean out extractor fans and fan housing. We can replace the fan, ceiling fan, motor and bath fan in order to get them to work properly.
Air Conditioner
From regular maintenance work for commercial air conditioners to setting up new air conditioners including settled ventilating frameworks, split framework air conditioning, VRV air conditioning, fitted air duct frameworks, air conditioning units etc.,
Commercial Kitchen
Is your foundation needing a quality ventilation and extraction framework or Commercial Kitchen extractor? Do you just need parts of it repaired, supplanted, or cleaned?
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