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Does your foundation need a quality ventilation and extraction system or a Commercial Kitchen extractor? Do you need parts of it to be repaired, supplanted, or cleaned? Then CVAC is an ideal place to fulfil your needs! CVAC Limited is an outstanding provider when compared to others. It’s an all-rounder repair specialist on commercial kitchen ventilation and extraction systems in London. Recorded underneath are the other alternate items and administrations that we give.

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    About Us

    • CVAC Limited is your beginning to end specialist in commercial kitchen ventilation and extraction systems in London and the encompassing regions
    • Bespoke arranging, plan, supply and establishment to your commercial kitchen
    • Full site review and help with arranging consent for A2, A3, and A5 licenses.
    • Our items are outlined and made as per HVCA/DW/172, DW/144.
    • Our experts are capable of TR19 ensured cleaning quality principles.
    • No duty-free citation to suit your financial plan.

    On average our clients save 20% against our competitors*

    Fan Repair Services – Within 2 Hours Same Day Service

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    We are a bespoke London based Commercial Kitchen Extraction Fan Repair and Installation Services for your establishments for unique needs.

    We take into account different systems principally commercial kitchens that were there in foundations like lodgings, eateries, bars, bistros. We even help with introducing Air conditioners in new places of commercial. Apart from that, we do take care of extraction system establishment and the centre region of our commercial such as spins around commercial extractor fan, commercial canopy hood with stainless steel shelves and wall cladding and other related issues.

    We comprehend that each London foundation has ultra-special needs. Thus, we urge you to grab the benefits of all our bespoke commercial kitchen extractors. These include fan repair, cooker hood repair, commercial covering, kitchen extraction ventilation repair and establishment administrations. We will complete a full site review and help with arranging consent for A2, A3, and A5 licenses. The majority of our items including commercial kitchen extractor fans, commercial extractor hoods, commercial kitchen ventilation, and commercial cooker hoods are composed and made as per HVCA and DW/172.

    We give genuine consultation and perform our best to execute our established ventures. And also ensure you to have complete satisfaction with our final touch.

    We do perform cleaning for Commercial Kitchen Air conditioners Including Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems, Extractor Fans, Extractor Hoods, Canopy Hoods, etc.

    In London, it’s very normal for a commercial kitchen extraction system to burst into flames every nine days. And Of course, you don’t want that to happen to you. Each foundation’s kitchen Air conditioner needs customary cleaning. And in that event, you can feel free to contact us as we are here to serve you with your needs.

    Our professionals are skilful on TR19 ensured cleaning quality gauges. We will altogether clean your kitchen Air conditioner including your channel, extractor fan, and commercial kitchen. Even we covered the greasy layer of oil that gets developed around the extractor system. We guarantee that our kitchen Air conditioner will provide you with complete fire security and safety for natural wellbeing.

    We have served numerous customers of all commercial sizes in London. Even now we provide them with the quality, bespoke, and reasonable administration in the territory and also the encompassing regions. Call us or email us today for a no dedication free citation. We’ll give your space a visit or send you a statement through email. Our group is accessible all day in and day out to cover every one of your needs. With CVAC Limited, your kitchen is in great hands!

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